When did it come to this?

Today as I was washing my hands at the kitchen sink, with my special "kitchen" handsoap I began to wonder - 'When did this happen?' Which of course led me on a trip down memory lane and BOOM! Here I am blogging about it!

When did we get brainwashed into thinking we need special soap on each sink of the house? When I was little (and yes, I know, it was a long time ago!) if I washed my hands at the kitchen sink, I used the dishsoap that was there. We didn't have a bottle of lemony fresh, anti-bacterial soap with moisture beads! We also had a regular bar of soap on our one sink, in our one bathroom. I don't think I used it that much - I was more of a rinse and then wipe the mud I just made on the towel girl - but still. We have six bathroom sinks and a kitchen sink. I know that liquid handsoap isn't extremely pricey, but when you start multiplying by 7 it adds up pretty fast. And why does EVERY kind of soap have to be anti-bacterial? Aren't we killing the germs when we use any soap and water? Seriously. Who decided that we didn't know how to wash our hands correctly? Why do we believe them?

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. I understand - raw eggs - bad. An actual memory - yes. Eat the cookie dough, taste it, make sure it's good, sometimes make actual cookies out of them. Millions of kids have done it - and lived. I bet secretly millions of people still do it, but won't admit it. They are probably afraid they will get turned in for endangering their kids. The best part of mom making the cake was getting the beaters. It still could be if everyone wasn't so freaked out about every little thing.

The other day Zach said to me "You're life must have been boring when you were a kid." Mainly because of all the technology that exists now. But I told him "no, you're life is boring." It was so much better when everything was simpler.


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