Random Ramblings

I think overall, I had a pretty productive couple of weeks. You guys know how hard it is for me to be productive - but I've been trying!!

I got Zach's curriculum ordered for next year. Some stuff I already have (math, history) so it really didn't end up costing me as much as I had anticipated. Woo-Hoo!! Spending less than you expected is always a good thing! Plus, April was the month for all the stuff I ordered to either be on sale, or have free shipping. That free shipping stuff rocks!! I also took the time to schedule out for the stuff we have, so I only have to schedule out a few things when they come in. Maybe I will get a summer break after all!

Paint color has been picked for the classroom/playroom and Zach's bathroom. I think Lowe's is having a rebate on Olympic paint this month. I'll have to check. For the record - I really hate the Valspar, but it seems the colors we like are all Valspar. I'm taking my paint chips to the Olympic side of Lowe's and match them! Also, I learned the hard lesson - prime first! I thought it would be ok if I didn't, but it was so much harder. So from here on out tinted primer first! By the way - blue for both those rooms! Everyone has been freaking out because I'm letting Zach pick the colors for 'his' rooms - but he's actually doing a good job!

I've been keeping up with my dishes, bed making, and laundry. Sadly, I haven't started doing any of the other FLYlady stuff - so I have to go back to day 6 and start again from there. I felt so good about keeping up with those things that I kept ignoring the rest of what needed to be done. No more! I'm going to start working on the rest of the house. I know it will not get done in a month (or two!) but I know I can get it all accomplished if I just work at for an hour a day. I just have to remember "Housework done incorrectly still blesses your family." I need to post that in every room so I don't forget!

I had to order the end of year CAT test for Zach. Erik makes me test him - and I guess I can understand his position but I think I've said this before - it really isn't fair to him or me. I'm not teaching him the same curriculum that is taught in Public School - and yet he's making me prove I'm doing what PS does. It's annoying and frustrating. It makes me feel like he thinks I'm not going to do my best and teach Zach what he needs to know. Seriously, I would hate for PS to be the standard in this house. I'd have to dumb down everything we do. Anyway, so when I asked "Why" here's my hubby's answer - "Because if you want to homeschool you have to and if you don't send him to public school." WTF! Really? That's all you're giving me? URG!!!


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