I think it's really summer

The weather here has been stupid hot for the last few days. I think we just skipped spring and went right to summer! Somehow during the winter I always forget how humid it is....

We are still plugging away at school. Twenty something days left! For some reason I'm obsessed with finishing the books. I'm not sure why - I know they don't finish them in the schools - Zach brought workbooks home at the end of the year in 1st. So I'm not sure why I feel we must.

Hubby is out with the Boy Scouts this weekend. They are camping and doing Boy Scout stuff. In a few years Zach will be going out there with him. For now we have to go out with him. But that's quite alright - we usually have fun when we go.

Speaking of camping...next week we are going camping for three nights. Hopefully we planned it early enough so it's not too stinking hot - but warm enough to enjoy the lake. We are going with our friends Nicole and Chad and their kids. We all went together camping for Thanksgiving and had a wonderful time so I wouldn't expect anything less this time.

Anyway, with Erik out for the weekend I'm tempted to pick some random color for the living room and let the pieces fall where they may when he gets home!! We did pick out a color but I'm not sure I'm loving it. I never thought paint color would be one of the toughest decisions ever! I guess since I know Zach's bathroom color I could go get the paint for that and get it done! We'll have to see how I feel about that.... It would be nice to get rid of some of the color splotches all over the house!


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