I have been trying to be more domesticated. I'll wait while those who really know me laugh, rolling on the floor. Go ahead - I'll give you a few minutes.

I found a blog, through a friend on Pinterest (I think) called The Virtuous Wife. This lady is awesome. She bakes her own bread, makes these freezer meals, homeschools. Generally all those things I think about doing, but don't. Check her out - she's not snotty about her ways, it's just how she is and that's great.

So after checking out her freezer meals for weeks (or maybe months) I decided to give some of them a shot. Honestly, I get tired of cooking dinner - but if all I have to to do is thaw and throw it in the oven or crockpot, yeah, I'm on that. I made a few of them this past payday. So far all her recipes I've tried have been awesome. Next time we will do a little tweaking, just to suit our tastes, but there were none that we were like "Oh my this is disgusting!". That's a good thing, because there are a couple more meals worth in the freezer =) I think the thing I like most is cooking them in one or two days, during the day when I'm feeling more up to it. It's not only been a blast, but it's saved us from eating out, because everything is already done. So thanks Amanda for not only giving us cool new meals, but saving our budget.

I think I might try to make some bread some day....

These are the stuffed peppers. Delish!
So, on the heels of my two days of meal preps I decided to try my hand at making liquid hand soap. Which was also a day of fun. Or a night of fun, since it had to sit overnight - but I think it was a grand time. I found the recipe on Homestead Revival. This is another awesome lady. She makes her own laundry soap, hand soap, deodorant. Very cool. I took a bunch of pictures of making the soap, but they are still sitting on my camera. When we've used it for a while I'll post about it making it and stuff. It wasn't hard and it's very not expensive!

I am planning on trying my hand at making laundry soap too - I just have to decide between liquid or powder. Since I don't have a place to store a 5 gallon bucket of laundry soap it will probably be powder, but I'm still thinking....

And now for a last random thing. Last Saturday we lost power and spent an hour wandering around Walmart trying to cool down. I took a couple instagram pictures. Here they are with captions!

Thanks for ruining a perfectly good NASCAR display

I think I must be turning into a Carolina Girl
because I think this is cute

Until next time ~ Kris


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