Embrace the Camera 5.10.12

Saturday we had one of those Southern storms. You know the kind - 5 minutes of rain, wind, and hail that seems to hit only your neighborhood (and the neighborhood across the street!) and then leaves you without power for 6 hours. Except for the no power I would have loved it - I love storms.

Hour 3 - hot and bored we decided to take a trip to WallyWorld. We ended up spending about an hour there. Yeah, it was hot at the house!

The hubster and Zach checking out the candy aisle

So we made our way home where power should have been restored and waiting for us! Nope - it was still going to be two more hours! So after some more boredom and lots of candles Zach and I decided goofing off with flashlights was the way to go.

Say "Yoshi"

I guess the under the face flashlight look only works when camping!

Now run, get your camera and get your Embrace on with Mrs. Anderson!

Until next time ~ Kris


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