Crazy August

OK - just one more post this weekend and then I'm done - PROMISE!!

I forgot to tell you about our August - it was a blast! For one week we went from three in the house to eight in the house! That can be quite an adjustment but it was awesome! My dad and nephew David were here from Michigan, and we also had Kayla, Austin, and Addison (our nieces and nephew) from Georgia for a few days. I don't think the house was ever silent!

Since David lives in Missouri and the Georgia group were on their way to Ohio, we decided to go to Myrtle Beach one day. Now, Myrtle Beach in the summer is horrific! So much traffic, so many people - but we figured when else would we have everyone together, really? So off we went!

Traveling (even for a couple hours) with a 16 month old is harder than I remembered. When we moved from North Carolina to Washington Zach was about that age - and I must only remember the good parts of the trip! But, we finally made it and hit the beach!! Addison LOVES the beach. Little daredevil girl wanted to be out with the boys jumping in the waves! The water was so warm. We've been there in May and October, and the water ranged from chilly to cold but this time it was almost like bath water.

Sadly, our day was cut short. We were there for about two hours when a nasty storm rolled in and they cleared the beach. But the time we spent there was wonderful, and hopefully the kids will remember the "quick trip" to Myrtle Beach as they sit through the cold Ohio and Missouri winters!

Having everyone here was super fun and completely enjoyable. A few very late nights with Addison, a lot of boys running around and yelling, and a girl who was trying to be happy about leaving all her friends and starting 7th grade someplace new. I wouldn't trade that week for anything!


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