Parent Teacher Conference Workshop

*how I learned to be the troublesome parent without seeming like the troublesome parent*

I attended a Parent/Teacher conference workshop yesterday where a whole 2 of us showed up to learn how to be more involved in our child's education. It was sad testament, I think, that showed how parents seem to think school is a babysitter or rely on the school system to educate their children without taking any responsibility themselves. I know that a lot of parents are single parents who work, I get that, I really do - but I also know there are a lot of parents who don't - many more than just two of us. I'm not going to soapbox this to death, but I couldn't let it pass without saying something.

I didn't learn a lot of new stuff, but I did learn that what I'm doing already is not only good, but highly encouraged! See, no worries, stalking is OK! LOL Seriously though, I seemed to be involved the perfect amount. Too bad my volunteer packet got approved, now I'm just going to be involved more! So, it's good to keep the lines of communication open (now I even email the teachers - they respond quicker that way!), ask what I can do at home to help (check), and volunteer as much as I possibly can (check - signed up to work the book fair next month and will be doing more once I go through orientation).

In the meantime, I've been told to relax by his reading teacher, keep hammering multiplication tables by his math teacher, and keep doing whatever it is I'm doing by his science and social studies teachers.

Interims were issued and he is A/B (B's in math and reading - no surprises there), so I know he's adjusting well, and didn't end up too far out of the loop because of homeschooling! Maybe I can relax a little now. I still think he's capable of straight A's, I really do, but perhaps we will work our way up to that point! Or perhaps he isn't and I just think he is because I KNOW he HAS to be the smartest kid in the whole world! It's such a fine line......

And finally, a small conversation I had with Zach the other day:
"Do you know that at Cherryvale a 'D' is passing?"
'Yes, sweetie, a 'D' IS passing, but not acceptable and if you get a 'D' you will lose everything except your bed and books.'
"But (his new 'friend') said it was passing and OK to get one."
'Not in this house. And you aren't allowed to hang out with (___) anymore.'

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