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Well, I figured it was probably time for a REAL update - not my random messing around and touting the wonderfulness(?) of my reusable Swiffer Dusters!

Life is going great! Erik is inching ever closer to retirement (we are now under two years!) and my housekeeping skills have improved greatly in the last couple months. I totally miss homeschooling Zach though.

School - what to say about school. Zach is really enjoying it, I’m really stressed about it but, open house went well. We do still have some issues with timed tests (well, test taking in general), but that wasn’t something I made a huge deal out of whilst homeschooling. I treated his tests the same as his regular work because he test stresses like me.

He has decided that he wants to join the Planet Earth Club. They meet twice a month and talk about recycling, alternate energy, renewable resources, you get the idea here. He is my little earth protector man. I am also hoping they will do some projects.

Speaking of projects - the first school project has been assigned. It is a Native American Project. He even gets to make something to show about the tribe he selects. He wants to do three tribes right now, so we are working on narrowing down so we can get started.

Cub Scouts! We held a recruiting night at one of the schools and DOUBLED our pack!! We now have 48 boys, up from 24 last year. Now I am officially going to be the Tiger Cub leader this year. Tigers are the first grade boys - it’s their first year of scouting. That is the fun age, so I don’t mind so much! Our first ACTUAL meeting is next Tuesday and fingers crossed that it goes well. I have a great September planned!

And that’s it from the Caddick Clan! Until next time,


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