{Ice Storm 2014}

The weatherman said it was coming.

I laughed at him because he's always wrong.

He said "get ready - it's going to be bad."

I mocked him for crying wolf - again.

Then, for the first time in I don't know how long, he was right.

We lost power for 44+ hours.

We played a multitude of dusty board games.

We spent time in the van watching DVD's while charging electronic devices.

We made coffee and cooked food on our camp stove.

We made it through just a little cold and smelly (because this girl doesn't take cold showers unless she's in a combat zone).

And I even managed to take a few pictures!

Beautiful - but it's still SC 

Is it any wonder we lost power? This was only
after about 2 hours of the storm

I know it looks like snow

It really is all ice though

How we make coffee with no power

Some lantern light while cooking dinner

Hot food is good when you're iced in

Erik doing the cooking
I'm not to be trusted around open flame ;)


  1. Love the pictures :) Hope the chill eases up and that your heater doesn't eat up too much of your RDF. Keep warm!

  2. Thanks! It's warming up during the day now so we should be good until we can get everything sorted out!


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