Happy Holidays

Christmas rocked this year! I finally got the coveted iPhone (thanks honey!) and a desperately needed camera.

Zach, as usual, made quite the haul too, but honestly the best family gift we got was the Kinnect! Erik still hasn't indulged, but Zach and I pulled our goofiness out (not hard) and danced and adventured!

Of course, Zach didn't go to sleep at all on Christmas Eve. Makes it really hard to pull a Santa. But, mission accomplished anyway. But honestly, he didn't last too long after present opening. I would put a picture here, but I downloaded them onto my iPad and can't get it to upload, even though I'm on my iPad. *sigh* Hopefully once I get my iCloud all set up!

The end of 2011 is quickly approaching and we've had a very good year here at the Caddick house. We have wonderful family and friends that have helped us when we needed it. Without them we wouldn't have survived some of the craziness, so thank you all!

Until next time ~ Kris


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