The Best Laid Plans

We had a plan. We still may have a plan. For now we are going to call it "The Super Secret Plan" (SSP) because, well, it's a secret and it's a plan. That's how we roll around here.

And it feels good to have a plan. Being 44 years young you'd think I'd somehow remember to include Murphy in our plans. Even though my dearest calls me a 'glass half empty' person, deep down I'm not. I love to think that the glass is half full - but sadly, it rarely turns out that way. 

Thanks Mr. Murphy you rock

But I'm letting all of you, my fine readers know - we are re-working SSP. And I'll share with all of you when we have a lock. Promise! This is your heads up for a random later post.

In the meantime I thought I'd share some of the things we've been doing around here.

School for me
about halfway through the term
I'm a lot overwhelmed still but getting a grip
kind of like this

but that counts ~ right?

Z-man's knees look like this

and the doctor thinks it may be Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis
the earliest we can see the specialist is 
the day before Thanksgiving
So our annual Thanksgiving Weekend Camping Trip
with the Olexa's
has been cancelled for this year.

But, I did start a Facebook page for this blog

{Thanks bloggy bestie for walking me through that!}

Right now I'm the only person who likes my page
*there's nothing quite like loving yourself*
if you'd like to join in the love
you can like 
Life on Planet Caddick
on Facebook
It would help me feel less weird about just talking to myself =)

Speaking of talking to myself
I started using Google +
and I have one friend
{thanks Jen!}
but would love more
you can find me on there now too
if you'd like

And there you go - lickity split
the updates from us
here in South Carolina
where it doesn't feel like fall
at all
but that makes me happy

Have a great one y'all!

Until next time ~ Kris


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