Lessons Learned in 2011

This year went by so fast. Seriously, I'm not sure where it went but here we are - the last day of 2011.

So, I decided to share some lessons I learned this year. Yes, at 44 you can still learn lessons! Who knew?

Taking three classes per semester is perfect. Four is too many and I'll never make that mistake again.

Even when I thought I was being a bad mom, as witnessed by this blog post, I wasn't. Because when it came down to it and my son really needed me I took the hit on my grades and stayed with him.

I hate paperback books. Not the newer kind that are almost the same size as hard cover books. The ones that are mass market paperbacks, you know the tiny ones. The print is so freakin' small - really, who can read those? Sheesh 

Marine Biology rocks. If I had any thoughts of being a scientist this is the way I'd go. 

Signing up for the blog every day challenge was crazy stupid. Sometimes you don't have anything to say and you blog just because. Which is lame. Saying "I sat around all day in my underwear watching TV." sounds way better coming from Sir Sean Connery than me. Just sayin'

When you're not being forced to do it, running is kinda fun and very therapeutic. I will never be the fastest or best, but it has been a great journey. And running my first race (even though it was virtual) was a blast!

It's ok to like mini vans. I traded in my car for one and I love it. And even though my son doesn't do soccer or anything else, it's still great to have the room on road trips. I {heart} my mini van. There, I said it!

When you go to Ohio and Michigan in the summer and people are complaining about how 'hot' it is - it's rude to laugh in their faces. It was perfect for this girl visiting from the South, but those Northerners don't really get that. Next time I will giggle quietly and shake my head.

Making plans while one of you is still actively involved in the military is stupid. OK, I knew this already, but sometimes it just gets reenforced and you think "I should have known that." Yeah, even us Veterans sometimes get froggy and forget!

And there you have it - lessons learned in 2011. Wishing everyone the best for 2012!

See you next year!



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