'Ello Loves

Yes, it's me again
the sporadic poster from h e double hockey sticks
What can I say?
I keep thinking 
"I really miss blogging"
"I really need to post something"
and doesn't it always come down to a 'but'
(in form or another)

So, here I am
randomly posting because I feel like if I don't
I will lose my freakin' mind
(I know, some of you think it's already gone
and some of you know it is)
the truth is out there somewhere
*cue X-Files theme*

I would like to say 
you rock
to anyone who can actually take a full course load
(married, or not with kids or without)
and hold the rest of your life together
I'm having trouble doing that
so, if anyone can help me figure out someway
that I can learn how to keep learning
not only would I be grateful
but my husband
(who's pretty sure I forgot how to cook and clean)
and my son
(who thinks the washer and dryer are broken)
would also be grateful

Until next time ~ Kris


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