Last Week Was...

Crazy. Zach and I both started back to school. Zach on Tuesday and me on Thursday. By Wednesday I was so stressed out by the numskulls at the transportation office I was ready to scream. Actually, I think I might have, in my car, whilst banging my head on the steering wheel.....

Turns out my son, who has one year left in his current school, is going to the wrong school. The school the transportation office told me to send him to - up until an hour before they told me he was in the wrong school. Thank God he's a good kid and I'm a good parent, his Principal and I discussed how to work things out on Tuesdays, when I can't pick him up because I have a late Science Lab. I guess being involved pays off, even though that's not why I do it.

So far he likes 5th grade, uniforms and all! Of course, they really don't do anything the first week - so we will see how he feels next week =) Here's my little man on his first day of school...

Then it was time for me to head to school. Tuesdays and Thursdays I have English and Science - so I headed off to my English Class, which is a literature class. Homework - read these chapters in these two books. Cool, I can do that, after all I love to read. But - the print in said books was so small, I couldn't read it. Quick email to my professor - yes I can download and use them on my Nook! Whew - because that would have been bad if I couldn't have done any of the reading. My science offering this semester is Oceans and Man. Cool. Homework - read the first three chapters.

Friday I headed to my Math and Computer class. I think we all pretty much know how I feel about math. But, after this I still have two more - so it's time to just suck it up and get them done - in a row hopefully so I don't forget anything! Then I found out in my computer class I have the wrong Operating System and Office Suite on my netbook. I have HP (need 7) and 2011 (need 2010). Now I'll have to carve out time to sit in the computer lab at school. Apparently a lot of time. The netbook is the only windows computer we have - and I'm not buying new programs for one class. Especially one that is a step backwards!!

So I guess the week went ok. Lots of stress. Lots of homework. Lots of doubts - but in 16 weeks it will be all over (for me at least!).

And now the big question - when am I going to fit my 5K training in......

Until next time ~ Kris


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