Running and Thinking

I know I've been an absent blogger lately. We are trying to get ready for vacation (finally!). But I have been keeping up with my C25K program and while I'm out there huffing a puffing I always manage to think.

No, not about how much I hate running. Honestly, now that I'm doing it by choice it's not so bad. However sometimes I do think about how much I hate the humidity.

This week my thoughts have been wandering to how much Catholics and LDS are the same.

WHAT? Before you run away let me explain....

1. We are both misunderstood. People think we're not Christians, people think we have weird religious beliefs, and people are unwilling to understand either one of us. Seriously - think about that. How many times have I had to say "we don't worship graven images" and how many Mormons have had to say "we believe in Jesus Christ". Just sayin'....

2. We are both perceived in a certain way - all Priests are not child molesters. I'm kind of sick of hearing that. Yes, it's true there are some but there are also really great priests who are doing the work God has led them too. As for Mormons - they are mostly dubbed perfect. *guilty*. But they are just regular people like everyone else. There are good people and bad people - they work their way into any segment of the population. It's the way it is.....

3. Kids and lots of them - 'nuff said

4. Doing good things for other people because it's the right thing to do. I live here in the Bible belt and let me tell you - a lot (not all) of the 'good evangelical' people only help you if you have something to offer in return. That's just sad - you should help people because it is what you're supposed to do - and never expect anything in return. Good works never go unpunished.

5. We both have different Scriptures. The LDS Church has the Book of Mormon and the Catholic Bible has more books than the Protestant Bible. No version is wrong people - it's all the work of holy men.

6. Both Churches believe in excommunication. It's bad. You never want that to happen to you. Ever.

And there you have it - the reason why I believe we are more alike than everyone thinks. No, we are not the same - but we have more in common than given at first glance.

I've realized lately that a lot of the blogs I follow are written by Mormons. They are funny, honest, real people and it just reminded me of how I seem to gravitate toward them. They are people I could be friends with IRL - because they know I'll never give up my coffee - and they will love me anyway!

I hope I haven't offended anyone.

Until next time ~ Kris


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