On the Road Again

I've been out of my boot of shame for about a week.
 Remember my boot of shame? 
Of course you do and if not, here you go

So, I decided this morning (well, last night) 
that I was tired of not being out on the road
doing my jogging/walking/arms flailing thing


I am signed up for the Cupcake Classic

So, this morning I decided I was going to walk
walk, just walk, the 3.7 miles
around my little circle neighborhood
(four times around plus two houses and back = 3.7 miles)

So, I didn't lace up my running shoes
because I wear these
which I LOVE
and only got to wear once
(the day I broke my foot)
and I know that sounds weird
but I didn't break my foot because of these
actually, I had my best jog/walk/flail ever that day

So, I put on my shoes
picked 'shuffle' on my iPod
and headed out the door.

As soon as I hit the road my feet wanted to run
I wanted to run
but I didn't
because I didn't want to hurt myself
 and 3.7 miles is a long way
(for me at least)

One lap around
no running

Two laps around 
no running

Half-way into the third lap
*I'll run for just two mailboxes and walk for three*

Fourth lap
*I'll run for just three mailboxes and walk for two*

Two houses out and back
*It's only a tenth of mile - I'll finish strong*

So I guess I failed at taking it easy 
but I feel awesome that I was back out there!

And my time needs some work

but it still feels good

Until next time ~ Kris


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