Running for Cupcakes

Yesterday I ran in my first race ever
Yay me!

It was a virtual race hosted by Run with Jess
in honor of her 37th birthday
*oh to be that young again*
called The Cupcake Classic 
you might remember I talked about it earlier
So, with my first ever race bib

And some cupcakes made by my friend Laurie waiting for me

I hit the road!

I wish I could say I did better than my last attempt at 3.7 miles
but I didn't

it took one minute longer 
1:06 this time

But I had fun
sweated a lot
and even had Zman take a picture of me when I was done

 Maybe someday I will look good after a run!

I'm so glad I decided to do this it was so much fun!
Maybe they will give a prize for the slowest - I could rock a 
bondiband or sparkly skirt for an hour!

Until next time ~ Kris


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