MilSpouse Friday Fill in #47

Hosted by Wife of a Sailor - here's your chance to learn about other MilSpouses. What an incredibly intriguing group of people!

1Have you (spouse) ever considered joining the military and what do you think of dual military couples? submitted by Project Army Wife
Well...we spent many years as a dual military couple. So I obviously think they are incredible! It's hard because you have to decided things like "are we going to spend twice as much time apart as a couple so one of us can be home with the kids?" Which doesn't always work out anyway because well, it's the military. I could write a post about it - but I'll just say - most dual military couples really love each other and work their butts off to make their marriage work, just like anyone else. 

2. What is your idea of a perfect Sunday afternoon? submitted by A Few of My Favorite Things
Having all the laundry and homework done so I can just stick my nose in a book and not have to be bothered! 

3. What do you usually do for the 4th of July holiday?  submitted by Anchor’s Away
Well, we are not crowd people, so we usually stay away from the city celebration. Plus it's like 100* so who wants to go boil in the sun all day?! What we do though is buy fireworks and set them off in the backyard - our own little fireworks display!

4. If they could make an Olympic event JUST for you that you know you’d medal in, what would it be? submitted by Pants are Confusing
Um, wow. Could procrastination be an Olympic event? I'm pretty good at that. Oh wait - list making! I'm very good at making lists (sometimes I lack in the follow through though!)

5.  What have you been doing to get yourself bathing suit ready for the summer? submitted by Not Just an Army Wife
Nada. Not that I'm bathing suit ready (you've seen my pictures, right?) but I'm going to be 44 this month - it is what it is - know what I mean?

Until next time ~ Kris


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