More Unit Studies

We have mostly drifted away from our regular curriculum and now are doing unit studies. At least for the time being - everything is subject to change around this house!

Math is still Teaching Textbooks. Although it's starting to annoy Zach (he hates the reviewing stuff in every lesson), I told him when he can get 100 every time on every single thing he's reviewing I'll switch his math. Yep - holding on to TT still. Also, unless we are doing a science unit, we work out of our science every day.

We worked on a Veterans Day unit study. It took us until just past Veterans Day, but that's ok. I got it from Amanda Bennett many many moons ago. With our limited library (and short notice) I did have some trouble finding books about the people in the unit, but we managed to substitute some other interesting Veterans in their place. When all was said and done he decided he liked learning about Theodore Roosevelt and Arlington the best. And even though it's been discussed plenty before - he didn't realize how many people in our family are Vets. This picture was taken about 5 years ago on the day I retired.

The whole back row are Vets
Shannon (SIL - USAF), my Dad (USN Ret), Me (USAF Ret), My husband (USAF Ret). and Scott (BIL - USAF)

Lots of Vets, lots of people to ask questions to (and about). For some reason this raised the cool factor for my son about 1000%! And yes, that's him in the red shirt :)

So, we have a few days before Thanksgiving. Not enough for a four week Amanda Bennett study, but plenty of time for a two week In the Hands of A Child "Pilgrims" unit. Yes, I also bought a ton of these many many moons ago. I even have some about Colonial Times, The American Revolution, and the history of Native Americans. All subjects we would have covered this year. *sigh* I'm glad we can do it this way instead.

I'm sure there are a lot of places to get unit studies. Plus you can always make your own! But like I said, I got mine from Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett (Christian based - I usually leave out the Bible stuff) and In the Hands of a Child (these are more lapbooks, but they do have options for notebooking too!). My son usually hates lapbooks, but you know, I'm making him do it this time. Mean mom {smile}!

As we get more comfortable with this way of learning I see us making up units on anything that strikes the fancy of us crazy homeschoolers!


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