A New Start

Well, things have changed quickly around here. Zach is officially headed into public school for 4th grade. Not a decision I ever thought I'd make, but it is what it is. Here's how it went down....

Zach "I want summer vacation."
Me "Well, if you want to go to regular school you can, then you'll get summer vacation just like everyone else."
Z - "ok, then I'll go back to regular school."
M - "Oh, well then we have a lot to do."

And we did. But he's enrolled, tested (the district wanted to see "Where he is" - 4th grade - big surprise!), and school supplies have been bought. I was a little surprised by some of the items on the list - dry erase markers, a 500 count pack of computer paper? But it's all in a bag waiting for orientation so we can drop it off. He picked out his back pack and lunch bag (we all know Mr. Picky Man won't eat school lunches!). He seems very excited.

Next Monday is orientation and he starts school next Tuesday. I'm not sure if I'm ready for bus riding yet - he gets pretty car sick, I don't know how he'd do on a bus - so for now I'll be the waiting in line mom! I've also always wanted to be the parent that is always volunteering and helping out (like my dear friend Shannon - she's my idol!). You know, the "PTA Mom". Now I get my chance!

So our newest new adventure is right around the corner. I'm even a little excited too! Fingers crossed for a good year.......


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