A little too quiet!

Today starts Zach's second week of "regular" school. I had a friend who called it "real" school - but honestly, I don't agree that homeschool isn't 'real' school (for obvious reasons!), so we call it regular school in this house!

Last week went fine - of course there was no homework - so we'll see how he really feels by the end of the week! He did have a project - to make a 'History of Me' box. The stuff he picked to put in there was so funny! He and Erik decorated it, Zach wrote the sentences, and today it went off with him. We'll see how good we are at following directions public school style!!

The only two bad things I've discovered so far - getting up early (night owl here!) and waiting in the pick up line after school! If he didn't get so sick with stop and go traffic I would put him on the bus. Ah, maybe next year!

Zach is not an outgoing person - he never has been. That was one of the complaints I used to get at the CDC - "I don't know if he's ready to move up - he doesn't play with the other kids, just by himself". He's like me in that way. So, every day I'd ask "Did you meet any new friends today?" No. "Why not?" There's not really any time for talking in school - it's work time. And I just have to shake my head. So my sincere desire is that he will start making the effort to talk to some of the other kids. Who knows, he may just continue to be like me and press on in his own little world. It's not a bad place to be actually!!

So, the first REAL week of school starts. I find myself wondering what to do with myself. I've been doing more fluttering, Flylady style. I've been thinking about going back to school (but then would have to decide what I want to do!). So for now, I will work on the house, help with homework, and next week I'm going to find time to go to the gym! Maybe on the gym....


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