Life Lessons from Zach

I decided to start this page because sometimes, Zach says things that just make me smile.  And wonder.  And I really want to be able to remember them.  So, here are some of Zach's Life Lessons....

On School:
Mrs. Pryor gets really angry if you take off your shoes in class.
1/4/11 - Am I the only person in my class with manners?  It's annoying.

On helping others:
I think we should share my medicine with Mary Katherine, she gets really upset all the time.

On Grandpa:
I really love Grandpa a lot - but he smells elderly.

On Being Sick:
I hate being sick.  I think I will be sick forever and it sucks.

3/10/11 - Erik "My back hurts."
              Zach "Well, you are getting old"

On history:
Why did the President make the Native Americans move?  So many people died, the old people I'm ok with - they didn't have much left - but the children and babies?  They had so much life left and they never got a chance to have kids or live.

When asked if he would like to go to VBS with his friend:
I really like hanging out with D, but I'm not really a churchy kind of guy.


  1. Very cool. I think my favorite is "he smells elderly."

  2. LOL! Those are so need to keep adding to this list. He is hilarious :)


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