Who We Are

We are a crazy little family.  The power of three and whatnot.  

<----------  This is me.  Also known as Kristin, Kris, mom, Mrs. Caddick, Zach's Mom, Mrs. Sergeant Caddick, Krissy (only to my family though!) and some other less than printable monikers.  I answer to all of them and quite proudly too!  I'm the actual blogger here.  I'm a Navy Brat.  I retired from the Air Force in 2008.  My husband was Active Duty Air Force and retired in 2013.  I've spent time homeschooling and now am going to head back to college to get a degree in Accounting.  

This is my husband.  ----------->
  Also known as  Erik, dad, TSgt Caddick, Mr. Erik (cuz we live in the South ya know!),  Mr. Caddick, and my favorite - the love of my life.  Well, one of them anyway, you'll get to meet the other one later.  He's an Air Force Brat.  We met in Belgium  in 1994 and have been together ever since.  He likes hunting, camping, walks on the beach, oh wait - not putting a singles ad out here!  He does like hunting and camping.  He is also a Cub Scout leader and Assistant Scoutmaster for the local (and BEST!) pack and troop in Sumter.

Meet Zachary.  The other love of my life.  He enjoys school, Cub Scouts, swimming, playing video games and watching stuff on YouTube.  When he grows up he wants to be a movie star, a vet, a filmmaker, a Mythbuster or the guy that works at Game Stop (because "you probably get a discount if you work there").  Aim High baby!  He is usually just Zach, but in some of my older posts I called him CG (short for Curious George).

We currently live in South Carolina.  Perhaps we will stay here, who knows?  I'm kind of sick of moving so we'll have to see.  As a family we all enjoy camping, only Erik enjoys hunting.  We try and go a few times a year, either with the pack or as a family.  The SC summers are too stinkin' hot to camp though, so we mostly do spring and fall.  


  1. What does your son have?

    1. Swim goggles. He won't go in the water without them - even now!


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