It's May!!

May 2016. Big month around here. My niece is getting married! Yay! I'm so happy for her. This means I get to see my family again, for a good reason instead of a crappy one. Also, we have three family members graduating from high school this month. Crazy that these kids grow up so damn fast.

The last time we were all together was July 2006, for my sisters funeral. I got to see my sister in June 2012 in Michigan, when our dad passed. I do have one niece that I saw not only in June of 2012, but also last year in May. That visit was a few hours long and I finally got to meet all three of her kids and hubby. So, now we get to all get together and celebrate something awesome. I can't wait! Bonus happy - hubby is giving her away. He is immensely honored that she asked him to do the honors.

After the wedding and a side trip to the Grand Canyon, Zach has to do his end of course testing for school. We are almost done with his first full year of South Carolina Connections Academy. He's enjoyed it, and while at times it's been stressful and confusing (there is definitely a learning curve!), overall it's been a good experience. However, Mr. Little Man has asked to go to "regular" high school starting next year. I'm torn on this for sure - the school system in our our town is subpar, but I can't deny him the "high school experience" he's searching for. Honestly, I hated high school. Hubby didn't, so it could be a toss up for the boy. I made him a deal that he has to commit for the full year (like we did with Connections). So, we'll see how all that plays out.

In March, Erik and I celebrated our 20th anniversary. We got married in Salt Lake City, which is where we're going to be for nieces wedding. Kind of like returning to the scene of the crime!!

So, here are a couple pictures for you!

Me and my bestest! First time we've seen in other in 10 years.
Yes, that's apparently a theme.

Birthday bowling.


  1. I love the scene of the crime commen. ��


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