Homemade Sweetened Condensed Dark Chocolate Milk

I like making my own coffee creamer. I get most of the recipes from Mrs Happy Homemaker and so far the only one I've been disappointed in is the chocolate one. It's just not chocolatey enough for me. The one thing all these recipes call for is a can of sweetened condensed milk. That I don't usually keep on hand. So when the mood strikes me to make say Almond Joy creamer I can't. Because if I run to the store for sweetened condensed milk, I'm just going to pick up the Almond Joy creamer. You know what I'm saying here?

So making sweetened condensed milk seemed like a good idea - time intensive, but mostly down time. Just stirring and watching. So I searched for a recipe that uses almond milk. We've recently switched to almond milk, we like it better. Of course there's one out there and I found it here.

But I like chocolate. And hello...remember - not chocolatey enough? So why can't I make chocolate sweetened condensed milk? Why not? Hey, I'm willing to try anything once (or twice if I think it's just a minor tweak). So using these ingredients:

I tried my hand at making some dark chocolate sweetened condensed milk. I changed the sugar quantity from the original recipe to 1/2 cup and subbed 1/4 cup of the dark chocolate chips for rest.

After I got it all heated up it looked like this:

And, by the way, smelled really good. Even the Z_man said it smelled good and he doesn't like chocolate. Or milk. How this child is mine, I'll never know. But I digress.

I was über cautious with the whole cooking thing. Maybe too cautious, but I have an electric stove and those things don't reduce heat very quickly. But I did cook it down to about half. But it never thickened up like I thought it would.

So, working on the premise of "sauce will thicken as it stands" I left it in the measuring cup for a while. I mean, I had to get to room temperature anyway - might as well see if it helps the cause. I had to whisk it about every 10 minutes or so because the chocolate wanted to separate.

It never did thicken but I plunged ahead anyway. I added 3 tbsp of dark chocolate syrup and some vanilla and started shaking away trying to get everything mixed together.

It did go together fine and the next morning I tried it out. Gross. It had a weird aftertaste, which could have come from using the almond milk, or reducing the amount of sugar. Who knows? Maybe there was too much chocolate (I'm pretty sure this isn't a thing though!). Ahh well, live and learn.

I have used recipes on the site before and they were winners. They also used canned sweetened condensed milk, so honestly, this is where I'm pretty sure I went wrong. I'm willing to give it another shot though. I think I will just buy a small amount of regular milk and forgo the almond milk the next go round though.


  1. Sooooooo, I was trying to look at your blog finally since moving here. (Yes I know I took my sweet ass time LOL) But it said your url was gone. Damn if it didn't take me forever to find your new domain name (It changed due to our region). But I found it now, and now I can stalk you through this avenue as well!


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