Southern 500

I attended my first NASCAR race this past weekend. The Southern 500 at Darlington. Y'all it was a blast!

I've had trouble finding a driver to throw my support behind in the NASCAR world - Mark Martin retired, Marcus Ambrose went back home, which left me with no driver. So, looking for someone without some form of Mark in their name, and from the USA I decided on Kyle Larson. I decided he was young enough to stick around for a while and I didn't feel like I was jumping on anyones band wagon.

This is what his car looked like at this throw back weekend.

Sorry, every picture was taken on my phone with a sun glare - so yeah, they could have been better. =)

Here's a couple of my boys

And our seats - right at the start finish line

Guys, this was blast. Definitely something I want to do again. But, as always, there are lessons to be learned.

1. They let you bring in a cooler, and you should. Water is $4 a bottle. Gag. Also snacks can go in this cooler. Fries - also $4 for a little cup.

2. Kyle Busch fans act exactly like Kyle Busch. They are pretty much a-holes and self centered. I'm making a shirt next time with Kyle Busch's face on it with a big red X through his face. These people are jerks. Great fan base you've got there 'Rowdy'.

3. People hate Jimmie Johnson. Really. Hate. Him. My husband is a Jimmie Johnson fan (ok Chad Knaus, really), and he's a good guy. I don't know JJ personally, but he seems like a pretty decent guy. So I'm not sure why all the hate. Except maybe losers hate winners.

4. Darlington is a cell phone dead spot. At least for my phone. I tried to live tweet the antics of a Kevin Harvick fan who was sitting in front me. It was going to be funny because it started with him eating hummus. I don't have anything against hummus (or Kevin Harvick) but lets face it - not exactly track food. But he was smart enough to bring his own snacks, so good on him.

5. The crowd really does lose it when the introduce Dale Earnhardt Jr. Seriously. All they said was "driving the Valvoline" and the crowd goes nuts. You better know who the heck they're talking about if you're not a Jr. fan.

6. You will leave covered in I don't know what. Grit of some sort. Tire grit?

If you're a NASCAR fan I highly recommend hitting up a race near you. Just cross your fingers that you're not sitting near any Kyle Busch fans.


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