Summer Round Up

Monday my baby will officially be in high school. I'll officially have no control over his lessons. He's excited. I'm losing my mind. I'll definitely keep everyone updated but for now I'm going to overload you with pictures of what we've been doing to enjoy the last of our summer.

Shortly after our return from the World of Disney one of my nieces and her family arrived in FL. She must really love her old auntie and uncle. This is the first time I've seen her since 2006 and the first time I've met her hubby and kids. Only a year until the next visit though - we will all be getting together for a wedding! =)

June found us back in Myrtle Beach for the SC firefighters conference. Of course Erik had to work Friday night so Zach and I spent some time at the aquarium and then wandered around and hung out until Erik was done. It was a long day, but incredibly fun. 

And any trip to Myrtle would not be complete without a round of putt-putt! This time Erik got to join us! My dad was looking out for me that day because I actually won! Thanks for the helping hand Daddy!

July is celebration month around this place. Independence Day, my birthday, Erik's birthday. We really did the fireworks up right this year!

My honey bought me a cake and finally broke down and realized I'm a princess. Yep - he hooked me up with a tiara! My girls hooked me up with some awesome presents too. Red velvet cake and coffee stuff! They know me too well.....

I got Erik tickets to Darlington - we have to wait until September to enjoy those though. I did wish him a happy birthday in his native tongue though.

Well August isn't quite over yet. We started with a going away party for one of my girls. The Air Force is moving them to Italy. They leave Monday. Right now they're homeless and hunkering down with us. She has a little tiny dog - who I've become very attached to in last few weeks. =) I'll probably let them take her with them. I'm glad they get to start a new adventure, but sad because I choose my friends carefully - and she's 1/4 of our little group. =( 

She really hates this picture but I don't care!
It's my blog!! 


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