2015 Fly By

Not really a whole year of updates, but at least two months! When did I get so bad at blogging? Who knows. But we did do some stuff in February (I mean stuff where I actually took pictures!).

First we celebrated the 14th birthday of this guy right here. What? Yep, he used to be this adorable blonde haired blue eyed cuddly cutie pie. He's still pretty awesome, but I don't think that I'm allowed to say he's a cuddly cutie pie anymore. Am I? Teenage boy rules - I don't know them!

 He wanted to go bowling, so we did. On his birthday (a Tuesday), in the middle of the day. Yep, homeschooling really does rock!

 Goofballs, one and all...

This here is our little homeschool group. The all boys club!

Then we went to Georgia, where I was able to snap a couple pictures of my niece.
Apparently I caught her just being a teenage girl - but I don't know those rules either!

 Shhh  she's sleeping

Forward on to March! Well, March has been pretty non exciting.  Let's face it - you can't do exciting things every single month. I make no excuses!

I finally finished my washing machine hunt, deciding on this one

And then I taught the boy how to use it.
 Because I'm tired of doing all the laundry up in this house! 

Erik and I celebrated 19 years married.
Yes, 19! He's awesome.

And finally, my baby sister found this picture and shared it with me. It's a little trip down memory lane of '80's fashion, hair, and goodness knows what else!


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