Saturday, November 8, 2014

Learning to Relax

Today we had a good time doing school. I know I should be able to say that every day - but the fact is, that's not always the case. Recent events have made me try to be a little more fun and a little less witchy (with a b) during school though.

We've been lucky enough to have some beautiful weather lately so today we ventured out to do a science lab on predator and prey. I thought this was going to be super lame and almost skipped it - but Zach ended up enjoying it very much. The object: to catch as much (uncooked) pasta you could in 30 seconds using different tools as the predator. We used chopsticks, bamboo tongs, a fork, a knife, a spoon, tweezers, and a small cookie scoop. He didn't even mind writing his hypothesis and analysis. Always a plus for us. I can't get my pictures to upload though - so sorry. Too bad, my shadow was super skinny and looked pretty darn good!

 Today we also talked a little about King Cyrus of Persia. When I said King Cyrus my son says "Like Miley Cyrus?" and I said "Yep - he twerked his way across Babylonia and beat everyone." Not what he was expecting. I lost him for a few minutes while he literally rolled around laughing. Nice to surprise the teenager every now and then! I can guarantee he will always remember who King Cyrus is though.

Last week he discovered this You Tube channel called ASAP Science. It's filled with very short (about 2 minute) blurbs about science with lots of white board action. He loved it, so we spent our science time one day watching a ton of those.

We also have some fun planned for next week. I'm trying my best to learn to relax and just enjoy the time we have together.

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