{Craft Day (aka 'mom time'}

My homeschooling friends are pretty much in the same boat as me. We are all homeschooling boys, and at least one in each house is a teenager. I know we all love our boys very much, but I know we all need time with other moms, to talk about mom things. You've all been there - you get what I'm saying.

So, as an ode to my family's love of all things tie-dye, I planned a tie-dye party. Yep, all boys, all thinking "lame" and other assorted things. And dang it, I don't know if they had fun, but the moms had a blast chatting and enjoying one of our last perfect days here in SC.

Many colors were chosen.
Most of the 'girly' colors are left!

It was about 70* and not humid.
Perfect day.

Not looking very thrilled but playing
along anyway. What good boys!

He's enjoying himself at least!!

My completed shirt

The shirt I made for hubby

Zach's completed shirt
(our first attempt at a swirl)


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