{Hilton Head 2014}

We finally took a vacation! We spent about a week at our second favorite Disney location - Hilton Head Island, SC. We need to do that more often - it's only a few hours away. Sheesh - we don't think things through too much sometimes, now do we?

We arrived and settled in to our villa. They have updated them since the last time we went. Nice floors and calming sea colors on the walls.

Day 1 - Time for some tie dye t-shirt making. One of the things we must do when are there!

Never fear - you will see how the shirt came out - he's already worn it three times since we made it!

Day 2 - A break in the rain! We did make some Gyoataku shirts (all three of us!). Zach made two because he didn't like the way the first one came out. Oh my Mr. Perfection Man.

The worst part of this project was touching the dead fish. Yuck! Since we had a break in the rain we did swim for a few hours too.

This last picture is the outside of our villa from the pool area. Yes, we were right on the pool, which we thought would be cool, but was actually quite noisy. Didn't bother us too much though - I mean we could be there in 2 minutes, so it was worth some of the screaming kids.

Day 3 - Since it was sea turtle hatching season we opted not to hit the ocean this time. Where there are baby sea turtles there are apex predators waiting for them to make it into the water. We did visit the beach though.

We also found the 'picture hammock' (I take a picture of my boys on the same hammock every time we go here) and played some pool. Erik and Zach also enjoyed a game of corn hole.

Day 4 - More Mickey Tie-Dye this time for the whole family. Sadly, no pictures of that project. It's hard to snap pictures when you're covered in dye! Trust me, you will see those in the months to come too! But the final fun of our trip was our second 'can't miss' fun - Goofy Bingo! We love going and playing bingo with Disney Characters instead of numbers. I even won a piece of 'good candy' on a trivia question!

A very nice, relaxing vacation. Exactly what we all needed!


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