{Creatures Invade (and the Tale of Mothra)}

We've had many critters invading our space the last few weeks. First we had this gross frog -

You know, at least he was out in the yard.  Not attached to the window like this creeper -

But nothing freaked me out more than Mothra. I discovered Mothra last night, hanging out on the same window. Of course I had to get a picture without getting too close and I made sure I got one from the outside and one from the inside.

This morning, Mothra was still hanging out in the exact same spot. He didn't wander off to where the other creatures of the night go when daylight erupts. Weird. So, in my great insect knowledge I decide he must be dead. Right? I mean why else would you show your ugly face in the daytime when you are a supposed to be hiding from the blinding light of the sun?

Continuing to use my vast array of insect skills, I decided Mothra must go to the ground. I don't want the bazillions of ants (another pest problem that's been terrible this year) crawling up the house to feast on the dead carcass of this grand buffet.

So, I disengaged him from the screen (sans hands of course) and left him to do his part for the ecosystem. About an hour later I went out to see how the ants were doing on this feast I left them (and maybe to spray them with bug killer) and guess what?

Mothra is not dead. He is now on the side of the house. He did not flinch, nor even bat a wing when tossed him - yet here he is - alive and well. Or maybe he's a zombie moth now. I know this - he once again has not moved even a millimeter from where he came back to life.

Mothra? Zombie Moth? Who knows. All I know is the bugs and other critters have gotten big this year.


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