{More Soap Trials}

First I'd like to give you an update on our hot process soap.

 I've been using the unscented version of these puppies and they are very nice. Lather well, do all the things soap should do - but I do wish I'd had some scent to add to them. I guess I could rebatch them and add fragrance, but I'm not sure if I want to do that yet. In the meantime I will keep using them because I like them.

But, Mr. Man asked for some kind of scrubby soap to clean his mechanic hands. OK, I think I can handle that. I did these the melt & pour way.

8 oz. Goats Milk M&P Base
8 oz. Olive Oil M&P Base
.5 oz oatmeal (finely ground in my coffee grinder)
~This is a variation of a recipe I found on Soap Queen TV~

I also tried to add some lavender essential oil, but I only had about two drops. The soap still smells good though. I decided to mold them in my silicone muffin pan. I don't use it for muffins so I may as well use it for something =) Here's what they looked like when I was waiting for them to set.

But when all was said and done, I was told it wasn't scrubby enough. That's fine - I put it in Zach's bathroom since he always gets this heat rash thing every summer. It seems to be helping. So I tried again - this time with my own recipe (yikes!), using only oils I could find in the stores around here. I decided I was going to use coffee grounds as my 'scrubby' part, so I figured why not use coffee instead of water in my lye? He hasn't used this soap yet, but hopefully it's a winner. Though I've since learned that you need to use double strength coffee. Note made for next time! I molded these in a cleaned out quart milk container. This is how these buggers look after being cut. I'm not sure why they turned the odd gray color - maybe the single strength coffee? hmm

So, now I'm ready to try some other recipes. I'd love to make one with pumpkin beer instead of water. I love pumpkin stuff, but we are not fans of the pumpkin beer! Might as well use it up!

I've also seen lots of very cool things you can do with melt and pour. I think we're going to end up with way to much soap in this house!

So loving this new hobby.


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