{Day Trips}

We've been lucky enough to take a couple day trips this month. We really ought to do this more often.

The first place we went was The SC Aquarium in Charleston. It was just OK. All of us walked away a little disappointed. Understand, there are a lot of people who talk this place up. We expected 'incredible' and 'awesome'. Wonder how all these folks would react to a truly awesome aquarium. We still had a good time and spending time together was the ultimate plan anyway. In that regard it was a success! Here are a few of the sights from that day.

My boys - I love these guys

A hideously gross fish

Zach touching a sea star
Yes, he freaked out

Albino Alligator
This thing NEVER moved
I say fake - Erik says real
Who knows?

Another super ugly fish

Outside the aquarium
This frog statue was super cool
Our second trip of the month was to Riverbanks Zoo and Botanical Garden in Columbia. This was Erik's first trip - Zach and I have been here before and we love this place. This was the first time we went over to the gardens though. Very lovely. And smelled so awesome. All kinds of different flowers everywhere. Amazing. And I have a few pictures to share from this trip too. Natch. I took a lot more pictures with my actual camera - I'll have to upload them, but here are a few from my phone.

Looking at the Elephants

My man and I - aww!
Our little family. We are awesome!

Another elephant shot

So, we had fun both days. The zoo is better though. And cheaper =) If you have to choose - pick the zoo people!

~until next time~


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