{Gone Too Long}

Wow! I can't believe I've been gone so long. I think about blogging here a lot, but then I realize that honestly, we aren't doing anything that awesome. I guess that's not the point though - the point is to get stuff down as a record mostly for myself. So I will try to be better.

It's time to pick curriculum for next year. I don't know why this is so agonizing - and it gets worse as we get closer to high school. I'm planning 8th grade now. 8th grade {insert big 'Home Alone' face here}! I knew it was coming, yet somehow I'm still not completely prepared.

I've realized that no matter how it's presented, Zach hates History. That it was always my favorite subject doesn't matter to him at all. So, I'm going to teach the way I want to and he's just going to have to get with the program. I'm going to go with Sonlight (World History Core W) for that and LA (since they come together). We will still do Lifepacs for Science. I'm going to to Easy Peasy for Math (pre-algebra). I will probably also do health with them too. Maybe Monarch for Spanish. I'm not sure about that. We don't have enough saved for Sonlight and Rosetta Stone but hopefully next year I will be able to do that.

I also have to keep telling myself that I'm not homeschooling my son so I can make comparisons to other children (homeschooled, public or private schooled). We are working the way that fits us best and he's not sitting in a room getting picked on. That's the point. I'm still teaching him more than he would ever learn in the classroom and that's why we started this journey.

Next time I will hopefully have pictures of the current project Zach is working on - dropping an egg without breaking it. Hubby assigned the project!


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