COSI Field Trip

We are visiting family in Ohio for Thanksgiving. We came up a little early, since everyone is still in school (so are we), we decided to take a field trip today to the Center of Science and Industry in Columbus - AKA COSI. This is a perfect field trip for us because science is Zach's favorite and spending hours upon hours doing nothing but science stuff makes not only a great school day but a fantastic family day!

And Oh My Goodness what a fun day it was! Yes, many pictures are coming your way! I linked their page above, so you can get some idea of what we were heading into today. Ocean and Life and Space oh my! Bonus, we finally got our hands on a Newton's Cradle too! Do you know how hard it's been to find one of those? Holy Cow!

So much to do the boys had to make a plan!
Our first stop (and third stop too!)

Inside part of the ocean lab. 

Using a pulley system to lift himself up

Inside a submarine mock up

These last three were a step into social studies. It was called Progress and it went from Colonial Times to the 1960's. It was extremely cool!

All in all a really great day!


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