All is Well

We have been doing school - I swear! I'm just being uber-lame about my blogs these days. I guess because we aren't doing super fantastic wonderful things I figure "why write about it?". But I'm going to anyway :)

We've made our way through Early Explorers and are now working on Colonial Times and the beginnings of the American Revolution. Zach's math is getting more complicated, so I've been reading up on some of that so I can help when there are questions (and there are always questions!). But I've been losing him. So I decided to write my own unit study.

Was it about the American Revolution? The Incan Empire? Taking a trip on the Mayflower? Nope - it wasn't about any of those things at all. When the eyes glaze over you know it's time to do something else - so I chose one of his favorite interests - Pokemon!

I took about a week and made up some math, science, geography, and history questions all related to Pokemon. We learned how to make excel spreadsheets, work percentages, and even touched briefly on Hiroshima. There was not one day (seriously) that this boy was not ready (and willing) to do school work. It was such a pleasant change from fighting him every day.

Honestly, I wish I knew how to do a unit study for everything. He really enjoys them much more because it's something that he really wants to learn about. But I feel that somehow, 7th grade might be too old to learn that way. I'm probably wrong (I usually am about such things). So, we will continue to plug along as is until I can figure out some way to make it more interesting and exciting for him.

I don't want him to hate school - I want the boy back that was eager to do school every day. Now I have to reconcile that with the way I think it should be done.


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