{Whatcha Doin'}

I know, after a month and a half you'd think I'm going to jam pack this post with all kinds of excitement and goodies. You are, aren't you? Um, ya - sorry about that.

What have we been up to? Well, school (of course), and baking, and learning how to make homemade things like stock and applesauce. Which is a lot of fun, but really makes me want to get a canner. Or at least a rack for my big ol' pot so I can do water bath canning on some stuff. Then I could save my pennies for a pressure canner. 

I've learned how to make homemade rice a roni too. Yep, because we are rice a roni freaks in this house! And I'm going to be honest, I didn't think it would make that much a difference in taste. Goodness I was wrong! I am going to make up a whole slew of them and keep them in my cabinet to use whenever. I don't mind making it as needed - but having the convenient, all ready made up ones would suit me so much better (and keep me from getting lazy and buying the nasty boxes again!).

Other than the common, every day things not much going on here at all. So, I'll share some pictures of what we've been doing with ourselves.

 Saving the best candy for us before the trick or treaters arrived
playing video games because we only had like 10 trick or treaters
(maybe they knew I took out all the good candy?)

 Beating a car at CatFest. 
He chose this one - no I don't know why.

 Buying Christmas presents!

 Doing advancements for Cub Scouts
Putting them together 
having them ready to go

 Being goofy

 Taking pictures of stick figure families
and bumper stickers that made me smile 

 Pig races at the county fair

 making candles and soap for a school project

And there you go! What we've been up to since September! In case I don't make it back here in November have a great one y'all!


  1. I so love your car signs!

    Mmm, and I love Reeses too.


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