{USS Yorktown}

Today we played tourists. We went to Charleston and after a brief stint in downtown (very brief - it was crowded!) we went to the USS Yorktown. We wanted to go to Fort Sumter but we missed the last boat out. Now we know. That is going to be another trip because of our history studies this year. Maybe a during the week trip though, when it's not so packed with people who are really tourists or people just acting like them!

Charleston from the deck of the USS Yorktown

The Yorktown is moored with a destroyer and a submarine. Miss Claustrophobic almost didn't make it through the submarine, but I held my panic in check (barely) and survived. I'm going to be honest if I had to live on one of those people would be dead. Or I would die trying to blow a hole in the side to get out!

It really was a fun time. We did three of the five tours (self guided) through the Yorktown, walked the destroyer (the USS Laffey - named after a Civil War Medal of Honor recipient), and walked through the USS Clamagore (the sub). The best part though (at least in my opinion) is the Medal of Honor Museum. Very awe inspiring.

At the beginning of the Medal of Honor Museum

Today I learned that each branch
had it's own Medal of Honor. I thought
it was just one. 

Here is the link to the web page for Patriots Point. If you are ever in Charleston and need to kill some time before one of the famous ghost tours you should visit. There are ghost tours of the Yorktown too so you can spend tons of time there!

Here are a few pictures of our day. My phone died, so I didn't take very many - maybe I should have brought a real camera?

USS Clamagore

On the flight deck

The Yorktown

Mickey supporting the guys.


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