{Art & PE}

My effort in include art and PE this year has been hit or miss. That, sadly, is nothing unusual in this house! PE especially has taken the back burner ~ it usually does. I know I'm not teaching my son good, healthy habits by not doing something everyday. I hope that we can start making changes in that area.

On the other hand art has been going much better. We've completed a few projects (which is a few more than last year). I get our ideas from pintrest or this book

We've had this book since 2nd grade - it only took us 5 years to use it...

It has lots of good ideas and we decided on Squares with Concentric Circles by Vassily Kandinsky. It was one of the easier projects :) That's how we roll around here!

What the original looked like

Our circles

Completed project

Zach enjoyed working on it, choosing his own colors and and how dark he wanted to paint each section. I had him make all the choices, did it need another coat of watercolor? How dark did he want the wax circles to be?

Since including Art this year I've loved spending this quiet time with Zach and watching him learn how to put different colors together. Sometimes the best curriculum is the one that isn't written.


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