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I'm trying to make a concerted effort to include art this year in our homeschool. I'm not very artsy and I find teaching art - well, boring. But doing art, well even making bad art is fun! My son feels the same way, so we're going to do some fly by the seat of our pants painting and other projects this year.

I pulled our first project off Pinterest (of course!). I'm not as addicted to that site as a lot of my friends, actually I rarely use it - but sometimes I find cool stuff I'd like to try and this idea was one of them

The idea seemed super simple and I thought, why not - some cool artwork on the wall will be nice when we're done. So I drug the boy to Michaels, had him pick out some colors (along with the rest of the supplies), and we dove right in.

He picked shades of blue and purple (which matches nothing in my house!) but again - it's more about the doing here...

Hubby didn't paint - he was our photographer
Hi Honey!

All dry and waiting for our swirls of white

We just used a plastic bag with the corner cut out
I also may not have made the white thin enough


As you can see, we went with the diagonal hang rather than the square. We liked it better that way! So, I'm calling our first art project for 7th grade a success!


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    1. Thanks! It was really easy, and we had a lot of fun doing it too.


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