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We have started our second week of 7th grade - woo hoo!

So far things are going well. I'm using my new scheduling system and homemade planner, four days in I can say I'm enjoying using them both. Here's how I'm using my new system right now (we all know how us homeschoolers tweak everything as we go ~ at least I do!):

This is what our week looks like scheduled out. I do my scheduling over the weekend - and yes, we only work four days a week.
I use one sticky for each assignment, that's why there are so many!
All our LA is on the green squares - so one says spelling, one says reading, and so on.
It looks like a ton of work, but really, it's doable!

Once the work is done I either write it in my book right away OR
I stick the stickies into my book and write it in later.
This usually happens at the end of the day when we are going full steam!

 Eventually everything gets written in the book and my record keeping is done.

At first Zach was freaking out because he saw so many different things - but once he realized each thing was as long (or short) as he made it he lightened up!

The one thing I really do love about this is that if we miss an assignment (like math on Monday of last week) I just rearrange the sticky notes. Before I would have had to erase a weeks worth of math assignments, I like not having to do that. Writing it down only once it's complete was a great idea that I'm glad I found!


  1. I like your system. I may try to do something similar! Happy 2nd week of seventh grade!

  2. Thanks. I just decided erasing was driving me crazy! Hopefully we will still love it at the end of the year! :)


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