So Ready...

Ugh! I'm so ready to start the new year. I don't have too much longer either!

We are actually starting July 1st. That's usually the plan, but my husband kind of balked at this information the other day. See, this is the first year he's home during the summer. Or really at all. And this may be off the homeschool topic (ok, it IS off the homeschool topic), but my husband is on terminal leave from the AF. Which means he's done working for the AF and now will be home while he looks for a job.

After all the separations over the years I'm really glad to have more time to see my love's face, but he kind of interferes with the homeschool schedule. He gets Zach all riled up and distracted. Which is sometimes funny, but usually just, well, distracting.

So, I guess we will be learning how to learn with dad hanging around. If he interferes too much I'm going to put him to work teaching Science and Art! Maybe Spanish too! Oh my, this could really end up being a great thing! =)

I'm totally glad to be starting the new school year. We still get to spend afternoons at the pool or bowling and Dad gets to be completely involved this time around!


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