Disney Dream(s)

We finally did it - we went on a cruise! Not just any cruise either, we went on a Disney Cruise!

It was all that we expected it to be fun, great food, beautiful weather, and absolutely relaxing. Honestly it was the first vacation that I didn't have to worry about anything - and that is wonderful!

We sailed on the Disney Dream out of Port Canaveral Florida on a four night Bahama getaway.

This was the tiny ship next to ours

This is what you see when you first walk on the ship

Up Close 
Almost at eye level - yes I was obsessed with this

 There were of course Mickey touches everywhere - but I'll not bore you with a ton of pictures! OK I lied, I will - but they will be fun pictures, promise!

 Our first stop was Nassau, we went a glass bottom boat tour (OK - we weren't impressed but we did get to spend time on shore too). If you go - just walk around the town. While the tour sounds fun, it really wasn't all that. Here are some things we saw -

The expensive side of the island

motoring past our ship o' dreams

we did see some fish - but it was through this green glass stuff
not cool

 The next day we went to Disney's own island, Castaway Cay. Which was a lot of fun. We snorkeled (saw only one fish) and hung out. They had these beautiful hibiscus everywhere. At least I think they were hibiscus. They were pretty though.

These things were huge! 

We also got to watch fireworks at sea (the ONLY cruise ship allowed to have fireworks!). And, I learned from my son (who learned in his tween club onboard) they are plant based so they are environmentally safe. Pretty cool.

Erik and I got to watch a couple stage shows, which were awesome. Very well done productions. And we all watched Wreck it Ralph in 3D. In an almost empty theater. Awesome. This is the theater.

Mickey everywhere!

The food was incredible. The only restaurant I remembered to bring my camera to was The Artists Palette. And I still didn't take any food pictures. But here's the bread plate and knife

And my boys enjoying dinner. Bonus - Zach tried a lot of knew food while we were on the cruise. Anyone who knows us knows this is a huge deal.

No, the french fries weren't the 'new' food

We also got fun towel folding critters every night. I only thought to capture this one though

And our room hostess was so awesome. She was super friendly and even remembered to tuck Zach's friends in when she turned down our beds at night.

We had such a great time. We are already planning our next trip - but this time we're doing a 7 day cruise! And now for some random family shots:

A great way to start the summer and an awesome way to celebrate Erik's retiring from the AF.


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