~ Waiting ~

I pre ordered my favorite planner The Well Planned Day, a long time ago. Actually, I ordered two - one for me and a student planner for my son. And I've been waiting for it to come in, but the shipping date keeps getting pushed back ~ and even though I learned a long time ago to never plan more than a week at a time, I still want to plan the first week of school for next year!

I know, we still have 9 days left this year - but we take a super short summer break and I don't want to spend the whole thing planning! So I started searching online for forms I can print out, just to get the first week (or maybe two) in writing.

In my many searches I found New Bee Homeschooler which gave me a whole new way to look at planning my homeschool year. By day - not date. As in day 1, 5, 180 (not Monday - Friday). What a concept! I'm completely in love with her make your own planner and I spent a few hours trying to figure out how to print it correctly. I still haven't figured it out, which is completely frustrating to me, but I know that's some error on my part.

Then I thought - why can't I make my own planner anyway? I only have one child, I don't need a ton of blocks for many children. We don't study Bible, which is always a spot on most homeschool planners. So while I'm waiting I've been trying to figure out how to make my own planner. Deciding what forms I absolutely need, how I'd like to organize it, how to make it mine. I'm having a ball and it's surely keeping my mind occupied while I wait for the Well Planned Day to arrive.

I would like to give making my own planner a shot. Especially since we're getting closer to high school but think I'm going to play with the idea a little more and then give it a shot.


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