Movies From Books - A Learning Lesson

We finally finished reading The Lightening Thief. As a fun learning moment for Zach I decided to rent the movie and have him compare. I know this may seem like a no brainer to most of us - the movie rarely lives up to the world you've created in your head. But for my reluctant reader I thought it was something that needed to be pointed out.

Some comments - "I imagined Annabeth with blonde hair.", "They took almost all the good stuff out.", and lots of "That's not how it happened in the book.". His final review - "If we hadn't read the book that movie would have been pretty good.". Yes son, it would have.

What I learned while listening to him comment was that he remembered a ton of stuff from the book. Way more than I thought he would. That makes me so happy! I always wondered if he was paying attention or not - I guess he was.

This week was our spring break. We have about two months left of school. I've been busy buying next years curriculum, labeling books for LA or History, and poring over the new instructors guides. No, I didn't go back to Sonlight - but I came close. More on that excitement another time!


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