March Round-Up

It's not like I've been crazy busy or anything - actually the opposite - but I still don't get on here and blog the way I used to. *sigh* I guess that means I'm running out of things to say! So, I thought I'd give you a few highlights of our March here in Caddickland.

The first weekend was Hornaday Weekend. This is a big scouting thing where the boys spend a whole weekend working on merit badges. Scouts come from up and down the state (and even from other states!) to earn these and spend a weekend having fun and fellowship with other Scouts. I enjoy it because I get to spend time with Nicole! Her son and husband always come so we get a girls weekend!

And my son earned three more environmental merit badges, one is his first Eagle merit badge (Environmental Science!) He is my environmentalist for sure, so this weekend fits him to a 'T'.

On the Cub Scout front we had our Pinewood Derby. Zach can't race anymore, but Erik did race in open class and won 3rd place! He was also the official weigher of cars. Zach got to come hang out with his friends on the Cub side of the house for a few hours.

And we wrapped up March celebrating our 17th year as man and wife. I know, shocking - huh? But before you think we did anything special here's a shot of Erik doing what we were doing on our anniversary - working at the Scout Hut!


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