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Anyone else have trouble staying focused the last few weeks of the year? I know both my son and I are having issues right about now.

We have a cruise coming up the first week of June (to celebrate my husbands retirement from the Air Force) and all of us - hubby included are kind of distracted. Ok, really distracted! =)

When I brought my son home again this year I promised he could have summer break - so he could hang out with his PS friends and just relax. Now that time is getting closer and we just want to be finished. But I'm not a "let's say you did this when you didn't" kind of person. Even if I was the boy would have none of that!

So, we are plodding along, desperately trying to stay focused and on track until the end.

Wish us luck!


  1. Ahhh..Yes! I know that feeling. I am currently a College student & the last week before Finals were the longest days, lol ;)
    In our house, however, we do not have this issue in our kids schooling; as we school year round. Still, we have those weeks through out the year, where we are honestly just burnt out. When that happens, I try and give them a break, but still try and keep the learning going with field trips, books essays on the book of their choice of course, and fun learning games, ect ( Love ~> http://www.learninggamesforkids.com/ )
    Maybe just doing something lighter & more fun might help break up the reg. school day...

    Anyways, Enjoy your cruise! ~> ((Jealous)) lol :)


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