Homemade Liquid Hand Soap

In April of last year (yes, April!) I was intrigued by a recipe I found for making homemade Liquid hand soap. I wish I could remember the blog I found it on, but I can't - and I hate not giving credit. But if you google homemade liquid hand soap trust me, you will find a ton of recipes and they are all pretty similar. The one I tried used grated bar soap, glycerin, and water.

This was the soap I used

Grated with a regular cheese grater

added a couple tablespoons of glycerin and put it on the stove

Then I cooked it - which was pretty interesting because at first it looked like this

Once the soap was all dissolved I had to let it sit overnight (12 hours) and it looked like this

The bad news, it ended up pretty snotty-like. Which was gross. I used a whisk, which didn't work too well, to try and make it a better consistency.

I did end up using a hand blender - but it didn't turn out much better. So I went ahead and put it in an old rinsed out vinegar container for storage.

I just used the last of it this week - so it lasted almost a year, cost a tiny bit of money and time to make, and by the way, was fun to make (I think). BUT since my boys hate the consistency I've been asked to refrain from making anymore and go back to store bought. That's ok though, I still have oodles of homemade laundry soap and there's been no complaints about that!


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