Thursday, February 21, 2013

Glade Expressions Collection

I'm not big on air fresheners - usually they smell too strong, or just "off" somehow. Recently I picked up both the Glade Expressions Collection mist and oil diffuser to try.

In the mist I picked up the Fuji Apple and Cardamom Spice. Oh my I really like the way it smells. Just a little spritz and you're in business! What I find intriguing is that the spray part is a holder - and you just buy refills. It doesn't look any fancier than any other mist freshener, but you can take the label off, so maybe people might not know it's air freshener? Let's face it though, you usually don't buy spray fresheners for the fancy container anyway.

The oil diffusers are what are supposed to be fancy enough to leave out. I really like the way these look. In my opinion, a little zen. I picked up this one in Lavender and Juniper Berry. I don't know what a Juniper Berry is - but I have this one on a shelf in my living room and it smells ok - a little strong. Maybe that's because I don't usually use fragrances. Now that I have the starter kit though I'm going to try some of the other scents, they might not be as overwhelming.

Overall I like the look of the diffuser and the smell of the Fuji Apple and Cardamom Spice. They also have Cotton and Italian Mandarin, and Pineapple and Mangosteen.

I received the Glade Expressions Collection mist and oil diffuser free for my honest opinion of the products.

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